The Secret World First Impressions

The Secret World is an mmo with a modern day setting. Where every myth, conspiracy and urban legend was true. To start off you choose 1 of the 3 factions, Templar, Illuminati or Dragon each one of them has a video giving you an idea of what each one stands for. The character creation does a decent job, personally felt like it left more to be desire from. As for leveling it’s different from your standard mmo. When you fill up the bar of exp you get one SP (Skill point) in which you could use to level any of the nine weapons or tailsmen (gear) you could wear. Also for every 33% of the exp bar you fill you get an AP (ability point) which you use to learn powers for your character. The way you determine what power you have access you can choose up to two weapons for example hammer and shotgun, and only seven active powers and seven passive powers. I would recommend you to follow one of the pre-decks they have cause looking at all the powers could at first be overwhelming.
The story is told in cut-scene while it’s well written for the most part I’ve played about 20 hours so far. I find that the mute character you play as is put into awkward situations, directly being confronted with a man holding a gun at you while your character stays speechless with a blank stare or while the npc will ask you a question and your character would stay there just looking at them until they start talking again is pretty bad. These moments don’t happen often but when they do it’s just bad. Graphics are good, they’re not high end but they look believable and the atmosphere of the game is done so well. Kingsmouth looked like your apocalypse zombie outbreak with one police station left holding off the zombies.
Gameplay- While the combat is basic, they have an active dodge ability while it’s useful for bosses you’ll hardly use it for the regular enemies as most will either fight you at range or run up to you and fight you at melee range. Dungeons boss is where combat really shines, bosses will keep you on your feet even though you still need a tank and a healer. Everybody in the party needs to stay focus since bosses can one shoot you when they charge up their big attacks. In one of the dungeon the boss would cast an aoe (area of effect) attack that will hit everyone who is more then 4 yards away from him so all the range damage dealers would have to get in melee range in order to stay alive. As for missions you have your basic kill x amount, your collect x amount, travel to point A to B, but on top of that they have Investigations mission and stealth mission, stealth mission you have to sneak in a base without the enemies seeing you or else you get dragged out and have to reenter. For pvp i was only able to try out, Warzones is like a 24/7 pvp area where you can capture 4 facilities while capturing them nets you good amount of exp your group have to kill a boss. If you keep them captured your faction also net a boost like you gain 3% extra exp etc.. All three factions could enter at the same time the most I’ve seen was about 40vs40vs40 not sure if it could go higher but when everybody was fighting in the same area it was indeed fun.
The bad- Well during my play with the secret world i noticed many bugs. Some bugs locked quests puzzles out, but the most annoying is the chat bug. My group chat would disappear from time to time. Sometimes my other chat’s would disappear sometimes re-logging wouldn’t help. Another bug I find is when your traveling and you get to close to a building or a gate your character would get stuck and the /unstuck command won’t get you unstuck. I found the active dodge to get me out of being stuck at places more then the /unstuck command. One disappointing thing I found with combat is the physics, like if you swing a hammer at the zombie it goes right threw them doesn’t feel like your hitting them.
Final thoughts, as of right now I am having fun with this game but I feel like i would need to write another review for this game after 30 days to say if it’s worth keeping subscribed to or not .

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