The Walking Dead Episode 1 – A New Day

Telltale's newest episodic game combines great storytelling with classic point and click action to deliver an unforgettable experience.

First and foremost I have to say I’m a huge fan of both the Walking Dead TV Series and the comics however those new to this series don’t worry, the game is easily accessible and thoroughly enjoyable to those who are new to the Walking Dead.
You play as Lee Everett, a likeable protagonist with a less than reputable past, beginning his story in the back of a police car taking him to a prison somewhere outside Atlanta. However as you may have guessed he never makes it there and instead Lee is thrust head first into the zombie apocolypse. He eventually comes across a little girl named Clementine, whose hiding out in her treehouse, as it become pretty clear that her parents have died. Clementine keeps the player grounded as not only does Lee now have to survive the vast zombie hoardes he has to take care of a young traumatised girl.
The gameplay is basic yet engrossing, the point and click interface may be simple however it’s used in rather fun ways and feels refreshing especially during combat which usually boils down to press the right button in the right amount of time. You use the left stick to control Lee’s movement and the right controls the camera angle. The face buttons control character actions such as picking something up or initiating conversation.

The main focus, and strength of A New Day it’s the conversational aspect of the game. Your choice of speech moulds the perceptions of the characters around you and how you behave towards them will be remembered. For example Clementine remembers if you treated her kindly or not and the way she behaves to you is reflective of that allowing you to create the character you want to play as. The use of the timer forces the conversation along at a decent place never allowing it to feel stale or forced.
Graphically, A New Day is reminiscent of Charlie Adlard’s drawings from the comics but it holds it well in it’s new medium with everything from environments to zombies being well rendered.
Some of the decisions you have to make during the game are quite literally life or death and adds to the game on an emotional level as you hold the fates of characters in your own hands. For fans of the series there are cameos from established characters in the Walking Dead franchise.
Overall, A New Day is a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience with definite replayability that leaves you wanting more.