Prototype 2

Prototype 2


it’s just been over a week since Prototype 2 hit the shelves worldwide

Lets start

In Prototype 2 you play as James Heller former US Marine Sergeant with self destructive tendencies, which seem to get the better of him after his wife and daughter were casualties of the outbreak.

After this he is mostly hell bent on revenge and getting to Alex Mercer who he believes to be responsible for the outbreak and the loss of his family.

So far we have the following,

A second Outbreak
Black Watch quarantining the city and taking up control
A suicidal ex US Marine.

Now you would think to yourself easy story and all straight forward and we know who the bad guys are.


The story truly begins when you meet Alex Mercer and he infects you with the Black Light virus
which enhances Heller’s abilities allowing him to consume the forms of his targets to the genetic level where he can go undetected in almost all areas without arousing suspicion.

Granted this doesn’t work when you run into Censor radars or are caught attacking someone who isn’t a mutant.

Apart from consuming the form of his targets, Mercer can also consume their memories which allows him to access computer terminals and extra side quests.
as you progress through the game you pick up new abilities which helps you along the game as you face stronger adversaries who get a lot tougher.

By consuming Targets you also gain their abilities (this is mainly Boss fights) which get upgraded as you gain experience during fights or when you take out set targets.

one thing I enjoyed is the ability to defy gravity and run up almost all surfaces to out run or to get to a better advantage point to take out your targets.

The game also contains vehicles which you unlock the ability to use as you progress through the game and unlock during missions which require a vehicle to be used to reach a certain goal or objective.

Now back to the main story.

Before you were hell-bent on taking out Alex mercer was told by Black Watch that the infection was caused by Mercer and its thanks to him that his family are dead.

You meet new allies who will help you find your targets and will also use you to get their dirty work done.

As you play the game Heller has always been hell-bent on self destruction and revenge, this will change at a point when he gets that one news that will give something to live for and something to actually fight for, (this I won’t say and it’s up to you to find out, or check out the forum for spoilers)

and as said before, nothing is what it seems as you progress through the game you find out Alex Mercers true motives and the reason he has been giving the Black light abilities to people.
Now it’s up to you to stop him and his plans before it’s too late.

Game Play

The game play is quite straight forward and the controls have been mapped in a way which allows ease of use.

There are two main attacks which are assigned to Y and X or Triangle and Square, Abilities can also be activated when gained using two buttons at once to activate them.

This has been set up in a nice way as it doesn’t require the user to use more than two fingers but using his/her thumb to press down on two buttons at once.

I have found the game to be pretty much too easy on normal mode, mostly because like other Free roam games it suffers from one flaw,

You can play a couple of the main Missions, but after that if you just go for the side quests you can level up or gain abilities to the extent where you can just pretty much walk through the game.

Boss fights I have found to be very much repetitive as almost all bosses can be taken out the same way, Dodge and attack or when you gain shield

Shield up and repel the attack and then counter attack when they are knocked off their feet.

Don’t get me wrong the story line is somewhat great and as you play it you see his other side when he will almost do anything to defend the life of his pastor who guides him through the game.

At the end of the day I have enjoyed the game and it was fun, the cut scenes were nicely choreographed with a nice movie theme.

The game to me just lacked the challenge, if you like a casual game where you want to fly (Well glide) about and explore and kill some bad guys occasionally then this game is for you.

if you are a hardcore gamer who wants a challenge then this game isn’t that much for you as you will most likely play this game and finish it in a few hours and get bored of it.