ghost recon future soldier

ghost recon future soldier

In Less than a Month ghost recon future soldier will be hitting the shelf’s of game stores worldwide.
Currently those lucky enough have been able to play the Beta of ghost recon future soldier Multiplayer Beta online.

firstly I would like to thank Ubisoft for sending me the Beta code and allowing me to play the game.

I would also like to add this is a Beta for Multiplayer so no review about the story of the game as the game has not been released yet, so part two will be out next month.

The Beta allows gamers to play two Different Maps Pipeline and Saw mill.

What the game is like so far.

Levelling up.

Levelling up is pretty much simple and straightforward.
You earn Experience points as you play different games, these experience points are determined on how well you perform on the mission set out in the match, the better you do the more experience points you are awarded.

for example if you take over an objective area you are then awarded bonus experience for holding onto that area during a match.

Class Experience

as you play as different classes you unlock new weapons for that class, this gives the game that much of a challenge as it required players to use different classes and use that class to level up to get a weapon they prefer.

unlike say use one class of weapons and level up using that weapon and unlocking all weapons as he or she levels up.

This also allows people to master each class as they learn to adapt to different maps and terrains,
each class has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to combat.

For example you wouldn’t use a scout for CQB (Close quarter combat) unless you are dynamite with a Pistol or silent as an assassin to get behind your target and take them out before they pump you full of Led.

this is the same for open areas with trees and cover where as a sniper you can pick off your prey one by one.

Each class has a diffrent benefit for the map and the terrain you and your friends will be fighting to control.

Weapons Customisation

One thing that impressed me most has been the weapons customization, where you get an exploded view of the weapon.

while in the weapon selection you are given the option to customise every inch of your weapon, granted you have to unlock the parts as you level up your player that is.

As you can see by the screenshot the interaction between the player and weapons customisation is pretty sweet.


The controls for the game are very simple and basic and only takes a few minutes to get use to and if you are a FPS (First Person Shooter) Gamer then it will take only couple of seconds to get use to.

You look at the controller layout on the main screen and then go to yourself, ok this button does this and this button does that. Yeap it’s that simple.

Game play

the game play is very smooth and I am not saying that, while playing multiplayer I have found movement to be pretty much top notch.

The texture graphics is top notch, you can take out your sniper rifle and look your target in the eye before pulling that trigger and not have any loss in texture.

At the end of the day from what I have played and seen on Ghost Recon, I have very high expectations for the game and hopefully the game play of the storyline will top that of the multiplayer.

I look forward to playing the game on release and writing a real review about the game.