resident evil operation raccoon city

resident evil operation raccoon city

For once I have to say Capcom Have disappointed me, They have taken Resident Evil and Killed it with this spin off.

Before I go into why I was disappointed in the game, here is a brief introduction to Racoon City and what it’s about.

In Previous Resident Evil Games you have played as the good guys and have to take on Umbrella and their monsters.

Racoon City is a flipped version of resident evil and you are Mercenaries under the payroll of Umbrella as you do the wet work and clean up the mess of the company as you progress through the game (destroy files, evidence and dispose of people who know things which aren’t good for them.)

So ok great for once you are playing a game and you get to play as the bad guys and you get to kill the good guys for once.

As the game goes on you get to see scenes from previous resident evil games,

for example Resident Evil 2, when you have the cut scene at the start of the game where you are Leon and Claire are in the squad car and it gets hit by a petrol tanker driven by a zombie.

When you play Resident Evil 2 you see the story from the prospective of Leon and Claire as they struggle to survive and find out whets happened.

In Racoon City you watch the same scene happen but from the prospective of Umbrella mercenaries. you are then given the objective of trying to track down and dispose of Leon as you chase after him through zombie infested areas.

So in the aspects of Story wise the game is quite good as you get to see things unfold from a whole new prospective.

Game play in general is ok but I did find it is a pain sometimes to get into cover when during a gun fight as you aren’t assigned a cover key (which they could have done with Y as it seems pretty much redundant)

So the controls are a bit fiddly.

I do feel by going away from their core principles when it comes to equipping your player, Capcom have let people down.

I say this as it feels like they are trying too hard to imitate games like Call of Duty and Battlefield where as you level up, you unlock new weapons and perks.

But this is Resident Evil and its nothing like other Multiplayer games.

where those games are based on player against Player combat.

In Resident Evil Racoon City you are generally playing a campaign with multiplayer’s, you can do this on your own with AI or if you are lucky (I say Lucky because finding a game with more than one person is a miracle, let alone someone with a MIC)

As you play the Levels you earn XP and Level up and unlock new weapons to use.

The game has been designed for Multiplayer in General as mentioned so they have basically moulded the game around that general aspect.

what I would have liked to see is them stick with the Resident Evil 5 style Game play
Weapon customisation and keys (if it isn’t Broke don’t try and fix it)

If they had Kept the general configuration from Resident Evil 5 and moulded the Multiplayer aspect of Resident Evil Racoon city around that then I do believe it would have been a more success.

Capcom had a great story and great plot to base the game on and if they just kept to the core principles of Resident evil then maybe my feelings would be different

But alas

for this Reason I am disappointed in the game and really expected more from Capcom.
and I just hope they haven’t changed Resident Evil 6 to the extent like they have Racoon City


But Props to them for not locking the multiplayer access like most companies do these days