Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Thank you Bio-ware for releasing the Demo of Mass Effect 3, Great introduction to the upcoming sequel to the Mass Effect saga.
In the opening Demo you get to see the invasion of earth and the destruction of the city,
as you fight your way to your Ship you get to see something you don’t get in the previous Mass Effect games.
What I mean by this is for example in Mass Effect 2 when you start you see John Shepard with his mask on seeing the destruction of the Normandy, in this you don’t get that much of a connection or any remote sense of feeling from your player.
In Mass Effect 3 you seem to get more from your player from the start which is expressed through the facial expressions.
One of them which is regret which you can see in his face as a transport carrying a child is blown up.
the look of loss, remorse and anger.
You watch this cut scene and there you feel a small bit of sympathy.
The Battle for survival has reached Earth and to get you into the full swing of things you are shown what the Reepers are capable of and what you are fighting to preserve.
Time to bring the Crew back together and Save humanity and the rest of the alien races as the Reepers wreak havoc.
Game Play
Game play hasn’t changed that much for Mass Effect and the controls are still the same
so don’t panic thinking you will have to learn new skills, the only new additions that I could see are being able to Jump and climb to reach objectives and those don’t require any button pushes but straight forward walking up or just sprinting.
Multiplayer (Demo)
This is a Demo Version so there will be allot more additions coming on release.
To wet our appetites we have been given a nice opportunity to try out what seems to be Bio-wares version of Survival and Horde mode (MW3 and GOW2/3)
The survival mode on Mass Effect 3 is fun and enjoyable and when working as a team you can easily take on the spawns of Cerberus soldiers as they descend on you and your friends.
and one thing that makes this different from other games where you are pitted against hordes of zombies/monsters and soldiers  is that in Mass Effect you also have a time limit on some spawns where you have to take out certain number of high profile targets within a set time period or you fail the mission and the game ends.
This is good to see as it makes the game that much different from the rest on the market which use survival mode.

Customise Body armour is great and always fun as it allows you to express yourself and be individual in multiplayer games.

Choice of character allows you to pick a player that suits the way you want to fight and what tactics you will use on the battle field, this can range from Solider to Infiltrator.
Each with the ups and downs which will give you an advantage depending on how you use them.
this can range from cloaking up to shield.
You are limited to only two firearms so pick wisely on which weapons will be most useful and how you will use them.
I am glad I was able to play the Demo again and I will be honest playing the Demo now compared to last year, today it felt better as I got a better experience then I did before.
I am looking forward to next Month where I can play this game and write a true review about it.

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