Brisbane, Australia – 10th January – Independent game development studio Hitbox Team recently announced the global release of their 2D sweep-‘em-up platformer Dustforce, to be made available on Steam on January 17th this year, for a price of $9.99 for PC(Windows), following it up with an update for Mac shortly thereafter. A launch trailer was recently uploaded on YouTube dated 9th January showing off the gameplay, sound design, and art style of the title. At first glance, comparisons with Team Meat’s hit platformer game Super Meat Boy, released in 2010, will be inevitable. The blocky yet super smooth art style, the retro inspired sound design,Read More →

Well folks, its here. The next installment in the Batman series from Warner Brothers and Rocksteady: Batman Arkham City. Unlike the first game which took place in and around Arkham Asylum which left the game feeling a little cramped, Arkham City gives you the open expanse of an entire section of city to play around in much like what you would see in a game such as GTA. That combined with an epic story line and out right awesome game play make this sequel truly a game to which will be hard to rival in its genre. Arkham City has a lot packed into it. Read More →

Welcome to Steelport. Welcome to insanity. As I ran around, my attire comprising of an underwear, stockings, brown warrior gloves, a gold chain, Darth Vader helmet, carrying a weapon that launched Mind-Controlling Octopii on the enemies (and pedestrians alike) and then drove a bike that looked like it was straight out of TRON, only smeared with blood and aptly named Bloody Canoness (which is just another day in the peaceful city of Steelport), the fact that was staring me right in the face from the very beginning just became crystal clear, Saints Row The Third is one of the most fun games I have playedRead More →

Hello Star Wars fans and fellow gamers,  The moment a lot of us have been waiting for has now come. One of the most highly anticipated games by gamers and Star Wars fans alike….Star Wars:The Old Republic brought to you by Lucas Arts and BioWare. First off let me state that I am a HUGE nerd and Star Wars fan and usually no matter how good or bad the game is, I love it just for the fact its Star Wars but to be fair and honest, I’ll be making this review as impartial and unbiased as possible so lets begin shall we? Timeline wise,Read More →