News on Hitman: Absolution

As many know, the last title to grace the Hitman series was Blood Money, back in 2006.  If publisher Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have anything to say about it, though, that will change next year with the release of the newest iteration, Hitman: Absolution. To highlight the importance of Agent 47’s latest assignment, the aforementioned Square Enix has recently released new footage of the upcoming game in the video below.
Without giving too many details as to the exact situation, Agent 47 will be following the wishes of a familiar face as he takes on a contract for a person in Chicago who is attracting the interest of various criminal groups.  However, to gauge the situation for yourself, it would be best to watch the video.

In my opinion, this game is shaping up nicely.  It has a premise that holds many questions and likely draws from the series’ mythology, it appears focused on intense, close-quarters action, and its presentation, particularly its Glacier 2 engine visuals, are impressive thus far.
Hitman Absolution will be coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC next year.  We’ll provide you with updates and more info as its release approaches.