Assassin’s Creed Revelations

Assassin’s Creed Revelations


Here it is Assassin’s Creed Revelations, one of the most anticipated games of the year,
for a quick recap on assassins creed I would suggest reading this article

As it gives a quick recap into Assassins Creed and also on the previous instalment of Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

Let’s start this Review

Assassins Creed Revelations takes place over three time periods,

Desmond Miles 21st Century
Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad 11th  – 12th century
Ezio Auditore da Firenze 14th – 15th Century

During the game you play as Desmond and through him you take on the role as Ezio.
Now Assassins Creed is more of unravelling a story then just play through a game with pre-set rules and directions.

Revelations has taken a different approach, as you can recall during Brotherhood Desmond was left in a Coma at the end of the game due to a large shock to his system.

Assassins Creed Revelations is mostly centred around the Animus and all interactions are taken place in the digital world.

Unlike the previous instalments of Assassins Creed where you would play as Altaïr and then Ezio.

Think of it as having a Dream of someone having a Dream, as weird as that analogy sounds.
During Assassins Creed you mostly play as Ezio as this is his final story and Ubisoft have made sure to end it properly by covering (well almost all aspects)

now you may ask how you play a Memory within a Memory.

While you play as Ezio you are after the Library of Knowledge, and to find this library you have to look for hidden Artefacts which contain the memories of Altaïr which like the Animus allows the person to re-live that experience, apart from being data disks and storing parts of Altair’s memory.

These Artefacts also are the keys to the vault to the library built by Altaïr at the bottom of Masyaf fortress.

The Vault has been locked by Five Keys (Five artefacts, each with a message from Altair)
now without going into spoilers, if you want spoilers check out the Assassins Creed Topic Link at the bottom (I am not cruel and the spoilers are not on display on the topic and are optional to view)

So the basics of the story get to the truth and uncover the stories of both Altair and Ezio and restore you mind so you can awaken from the coma and go and save the world.

I can’t say much more about the story without divulging spoilers so refer to stated topic.

Game Play

Now the game play for Assassins Creed Revelations hasn’t changed that much from the previous games, though it has had three new elements added to the game.

Hook Blade

This handy hidden Blade Consists of two parts

*The Hook
This allows you to grab ledges from a greater distance and gives Ezio the ability to climb faster up buildings. The hook is also used to get from destinations in greater speed where zip lines are installed; these are found dotted around the city.

*The Blade
Not much to say about the blade apart from its great for taking out those pesky guards,
This weapon can be used in stealth or in combat as a default weapon.

Bomb Crafting

well we are approaching the modern era so as time goes past the world doesn’t stay still and Ezio is introduced to a new weapon to add to his arsenal.

Bomb crafting comes in three parts
Lethal, Diversion and tactical bombs

Each Bomb is unique and works differently, it’s just up to you how you want that bomb to work and how much power you want it to have.

For example You have the Shells that you want to use,
These consist of the following,

Impact Shell which well as it states explodes on Impact,
Fuse Lit bomb which takes a few seconds to detonate and finally for those who are evil (I joke lol)
we have the trip wire bomb which can be laid behind you or if you are feeling cruel on the body of a Guard you have just taken out.

and finally the Sticky Pouch which when thrown at a target with stick to them and explode after a few seconds, this is great as it means you know you are going to kill someone at least along with any of his friends which are close by.  This is good for diversions as well as you can stick it to a civilian and watch them walk further away to create a larger distance.

There are three types of Explosives

Indian, Arabic and English (it’s least powerful to most powerful)

the more powerful the Explosive is the larger the blast radius increases meaning chances of Civilians been killed is increased by friendly shrapnel (well not so friendly)

The last Part is the content in which you get to fill these wonderful toys with, Now you are limited to nine Bombs and only three of each type.

*Caltrop Bomb (Tactical) – An explosive that throws metal spikes over the area to slow down pursuing enemies giving you that valuable extra few seconds to get out of sight and hidden.

Lamb’s Blood
*Blood Bomb (Tactical) – Nothing like scaring people by making it look like they are mortally wounded. Great for making them Panic.

Shrapnel – Splinter Bomb (Lethal) – Old school grenade, spray shrapnel throughout the explosive area to kill any poor soul within target radius.

Salt of Petra
* Smoke Decoy (Diversion) – Smaller smoke bomb that can be used to lure guards away and to break their field of vision.

*Smoke Screen (Tactical) –This is Like a smoke grenade and can be used to get close to targets without them having any sense where you are, This is great used with eagle vision.

*Datura Bomb (Lethal) – A dirty Bomb to poison anyone in the explosive radius

Coal Dust
*Thunder Bomb (Lethal) – think of this as a Stun Grenade for blinding and incapacitating guards for a few seconds to run away or have that few seconds to go in there and kill them.

Skunk Oil
*Stink Bomb (Diversion) – Stops guards and Civilians, also not great for the self esteem as they stink out the place.

*Cherry Bomb (Diversion) – Creates a nice Explosive sound

Pyrite Coins
*Gold Bomb (Diversion) – as create explosion of gold and bring out the greed in the Public and get them to fight the guards.

To build these Bombs you have to use bomb making stands which are located in Assassins Dens or around the City, as you unlock areas you also unlock Assassins Den which show up on the Map.

Speaking of Assassins Den one new thing added to Assassins Creed is Den Defence (Third new Feature).

Den Defence is when your Templar awareness meter goes fully red, they can launch an attack on any of the Dens you Hold, this can happen anytime when your meter is fully Red (you can always Bribe Speakers or assassinate Templar envoys to decrease the Meter so they don’t attack)

If you were to go fully Red and the Templar’s launch an attack, all is not lost as you can go on the defensive with your fellow assassins as you command them from the rooftop.

You start off with certain amount of Moral and can only place Assassins in certain areas of the Map.
Each Rooftop must have a master Assassin for other assassins to be placed in that area, as you progress through the levels and stop each wave with your Assassins your moral increases allowing you to purchase and upgrade your defences.

Throughout the game you can Avoid Den defence by keeping your meter off the full Red and really don’t impact the story of the game much.

To make things allot easier you can station one assassin in each den as they level up and pass Level 10, once they are master Assassins (Level 15) they will defend that Den from Templar attacks.

To level up your Assassins it’s like Brotherhood where you can send them out on Missions to complete objectives and earn experience points, I have found it easier just to send my low level assassins with a High level assassin on a high risk Job as they rank up much faster.

So now comes to the Conclusion of this Review.

At the end of the day for me Assassins Creed is mostly about the story and the depth of it, I enjoy playing through the game and slowly unravelling the story line and how everything connects.

While playing Revelations I was glad that they showed the story for Altaïr and Ezio and ended their stories with decent closure.

As always I would always recommend Assassins Creed to anyone to play, I would suggest playing Assassins Creed from the beginning though to get a better understanding of the story, reason I say this is mostly because of how the game flows. And to get that full experience one has to start at the beginning.


Graphics 10/10
Game Play 9/10
Length 9/10
Replay Value 8/10

Overall 9/10