Ace Combat Assault Horizon Final Review

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Final Review

Ace Combat Assault Horizon
Firstly if you don’t know what Ace Combat is I would suggest reading the First Review of the game as it gives a short introduction into the history of ACE Combat and how it has evolved.
Ace Combat Games have never had a straight story line and repeated it in every game produced so each game in Unique in story and environment.
In Ace Combat Assault Horizon you are US air Force Pilot Wolf squadron (Lieutenant Colonel William Bishop) and are tasked with NATO to stop a splinter group who have acquired power weapon called trinity and use it to extort money from African and middle eastern nations at the threat of using the weapon on them.
NATO has allied its self with the Russian Forces to take on this threat which has just risen.
As the game progresses new threats appear and some backstabbing which I won’t mention as it will spoil the storyline, let’s just say its unexpected but interesting twist.
And trust me on this you won’t get bored of it.
The great thing about assault Horizon I would have to say is flying over real places and the detailing is great, an example of this is the air combat over Dubai as you get to fly over the palm island and the developing skyscrapers.
Weave through the buildings as you chase your targets down in Dog fights. It just feels better than the previous Ace Combat games as you are more immersed into the environment that you are put in.
you do get to fly over other historical cites, examples of which Washington DC, Moscow , Miami and much more
Aircraft Options
Unlike other Ace Combats where you are just confined to a Combat Aircraft in Assault Horizon you are given the opportunity to Pilot more than 3 Different verities of Aircraft and the occasion switch to being a Gunner.
The Aircraft that you get to fly
Multirole Fighters
these are used mostly for air superiority or for supporting ground forces, as you progress through the game you will find your self using a verity of payloads as mission objectives do change and you will find yourself in most cases taking on multiple aircraft and also ground forces.
For now you are stuck with the Apache Gun ship which you use to take on ground forces at Low altitudes, now as I mentioned in my original review this was a great addition as you are basically free to move as you wish and have more maneuverability.
Now the great thing about being an attack helicopter pilot you would have thought that you would just be restricted to avoiding ground fire and it would be a walk in the park, well sadly you would be very mistaken as you also have to defend you self from Hinds as they ascend on your nice shiny metal ass.
Great addition as you get to fly a bomber, one thing I like about having a Bomber option is unlike Fires of Liberation where you had to pick a multirole attack fighter to get through enemy radar and defenses this time you have to be more aware of your surroundings and how you drop your ordnance on targets.
Also unlike using multirole fighters your bomber is less agile so it makes things more interesting when it comes to attack runs.
So no more fly around in circles and just drop hell.
Now I did say you get to be passengers in Aircraft and in Attack Helicopters,
Well if you played Call of Duty and you like being the gunner on the AC-130, great news for you as you get to use these weapons on ACE Combat, a bit more realistic then Call of Duty and you have to be more careful how you use your weapons.
Now the second is the good old war horse the Black Hawk, this you get to control the Mini Gun and take out the bad guys as your pilot circles the target Zone.
My only gripe with being the gunner is occasionally the AI aka the pilot tends to make shooting targets harder by either going to low or making it so targets aren’t in your range of fire.
When you finish the game and as you build up points you do unlock new aircraft to use in campaign and in Multiplayer

Game play

Some people have said playing Ace Combat gets repetitive as you go along, with Assault Horizon I will have to disagree just on the fact that you aren’t confined to one aircraft type and as you play the game the methods in which you accomplish missions change.
So if you are a sceptic and think oh great another jet game where it’s just aim and shoot, you are dead wrong lol
The way that you control the planes has changed a lot from the previous Ace Combat and methods of engaging enemies.
An example of this is Dog Fighting where it’s more up close and personal as you try and avoid fire from other aircraft and take out the aircraft you have set your eyes on.
Now with dog fighting things do get a bit harder as avoiding fire from other enemy planes get harder and Namco have improved the AI as they can avoid your fire and use counter measures against you.
Also the great thing about the AI it won’t hesitate to turn around and out manoeuvre you.
Now as I said you do have multiple aircraft ganging up on you and sometimes while Dog Fighting you do get that window of opportunity where you can take out multiple targets at once, not as easy as it sounds as the AI have been improved so once a window of opportunity opens up you only have a few seconds to make use of it.
Dog Fighting as you get better at it can be great and easy way to take out multiple targets as you out flank and take out aircraft one by one.
For example say you are chasing one aircraft and another one comes from behind and starts to engage you, quick out manoeuvre and you have just done a barrel role vertically and taken position right behind the perusing target and ready for taking.
You can do this multiple times and keep ahead of them.
its Ace Combat so multiplayer has always been great. And this time Namco have pulled out something which is great.
to the addition of having the option to do PVP (player Vs Player) and just take off to the skies and see which Pilot has the skills to out manoeuvre and take out the opposing team,
In Assault horizon you also have a Defend your base mode where you go eight on eight to see who can defend their bases or take out the bases of the opposing team.
This is great as you can use the new acquired aircraft that you have unlocked in campaign in the multiplayer games. (So it’s highly recommended that you finish campaign first before jumping into the pool with the rest of the pilots) also it means you will have improved your handling of the aircraft as you progress through the campaign mode.
The great thing I would say about Multiplayer is FAS (Friendly Assist System) this handy system allows you to co-ordinate attacks with team members to make more effective and lethal strikes on opposing team members utilizing the most of your arsenal.
So on the Note of Multiplayer Kudos to Namco as they have taken a great leap forward and improved it greatly from fires of liberation.
The detailing on Ace Combat has always been great, the Graphics and rendering top notch and Props to Namco as they have never failed on this aspect of the game.
Ratings for this Game
Storyline 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Game play 8/10
Aircraft 10/10
Environment 10/10
Multiplayer 7/10
Total 8/10
I would recommend this game to anyone, great game to play and never does get boring (if you don’t believe rent the game from Blockbusters, any local rental store)
and you will find it hard to put down.

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