Gears of War 3

Gears of war 3 review
Hello I’m am Luke and welcome to another review this time in on epics gears of war 3 i will
be running through some of the new features to gears including campain, horde beast mode
and multiplayer don’t for get to check out for more reviews.
Epic are back and the final saga to gears is here reload you lancer and polish you boots and
get ready for loads of blood guts and boom shots.
Gears 3 is now available from retailers now one of my personal favourites is its priced between £39-£99 and there are three editions normal limited
and epic there’s also tons of unlocks, avatar awards and and loads of content on the
marketplace including a season pass you can also buy a limited edition gears 3 Xbox.
Campain: The campain in gears 3 is very similar to all the other gears great story great
characters and lots of blood there are a few new features.
Arcade mode: which is similar to normal campain it features a scoring system so you can
show your buddies who’s really the beast.
Mutators are like the skulls in halo reach which will help u make u laugh or make the game
harder including super reload or headless chicken.
4 player coop finally gears 4 player here been a while finally time to kick some ass.normally
it was only two player co-op Dom and Marcus new playable characters are Anya, Cole and
Clayton carmine.
There are new bosses one of the newest lambent there similar to locust but have different
from behaviour .different appearance and strength. They can also transform and when
they die they will explode. New creatures include stalk, drudge and polyp. There’s also new
locust including a gunker,digger boomer and a tempest.
Again if you played multiplayer your probes know most of what it is about but there is some
new cool features
digger which is great for people who want to kill campers one shot which does what is says
on the tin kills people in one shot, retro lancer higher recoil but super powerful and has
a baronet so you can charge them to death, sawn off shotgun is super powerful but you
should regard it as a melee weapon as u need to be super close but can kill in one hit there’s
new grenades as well. There are also skins that you can put or your guns like have a gold
lancer or a rainbow skin for you’re sawn off.
There are a few game modes there’s team death match and capture the leader which is a
mix of guardian and submission.
There are new maps including checkout, hotel and trenches and gears 2 favourite return
gridlock plus may more new maps.
There’s a wider selection of characters including cog and locust also being able to play a girl
Anya stroud for the first time
Cog characters: include super star Cole, unarmored Marcus, Anthony carmine.locast include
sniper drone queen myrrah and flame grenadier.
Horde mode
Horde mode is back and there’s more too it not only can you earn cash for kills but you can
build defences like lasers, torrents and decoys
Beast mode
Beast mode is new to the gears of war series and the opposite of horde you play the locust
and fight the humans your start off as wild tickers ,tickers and wrenches and as you get
more kills and cash you can upgrade to boomers berserkers and corpses.
Overall view
Would recommend this game 100% brilliant game lots of fun I’m giving this 9/10