Month: October 2011

F1 2011

So, onto Codemaster’s 3rd adventure into the high octane, high adrenaline world of Formula 1. First off, if you’re not a dedicated, hardcore fan of F1, you’ll be left behind in the terminology used, and the handling of the cars. […]

Battlefield 3

Greetings all, QBSneak000 here with another review of a great game. Once again EA and Dice come out swinging with Battlefield 3. For a long time I have been waiting for a game to match the fun and mayhem of […]

Retro Review : Transport Tycoon

  For my first look back through time into gaming’s varied history, I will be looking at a game that many over looked. Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon, to be exact. If the name sounds familiar, then you have probably played […]

The 360's New Streaming Features

Xbox is about to begin a new era in media streaming this holiday, opening the doors to all types of new  forms of streaming. Xbox Live will be the platform for the next generation of television, with nearly 40 of […]

GREED and Game Developers

Greed Are Game companies getting Greedy? Over the last few Months game producers and publishers have been releasing locked features in games which can only be unlocked by a CODE, this game code comes with the game when bought new. […]

Gran Turismo 5 – Version 2.0 and DLC

Ever since the announcement of this game back at E3 last year, it has been disappointing to those loyal to the series. It was delayed repeatedly, missing a Christmas release, and ended up being released at the beginning of this […]

LoveFilm Offer Free Amazon Gift Voucher

Exclusive Offer From Lovefilm for our UK Members/Guests 15 Days Trial (no contract or obligation to sign lol) Rent DVDs Rent Games or Stream Movies to your PC or PS3 Also they are offering £10 to Gamingrev guests so enjoy […]