Battlefield 3

Greetings all, QBSneak000 here with another review of a great game. Once again EA and Dice come out swinging with Battlefield 3. For a long time I have been waiting for a game to match the fun and mayhem of EA’s classic Battlefield 1942/Vietnam series using vehicles and large maps which I fealt BF Bad… Continue Reading Battlefield 3

Retro Review : Transport Tycoon

  For my first look back through time into gaming’s varied history, I will be looking at a game that many over looked. Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon, to be exact. If the name sounds familiar, then you have probably played the more widely known RollerCoaster Tycoon, or his other leading game, Locomotion. Transport Tycoon was… Continue Reading Retro Review : Transport Tycoon

September,October,November…Best months ever?

September, October, November…Best months ever? Games over the past few years, have the occasional mouth watering release. But from September, could this be the best 3 months of releases ever?! Let’s take it back to where it all started. The release of “Dead Island”, following its  utterly lip smacking trailer, had us feeling like this… Continue Reading September,October,November…Best months ever?

Skate 3 – Tony Hawk beater or a bit of a Jackass?

“Team up. Throw down.” Is the motto of this game. Where you start up your own skateboard company, and the objective of the game is to sell as many boards as possible. Sounds easy right? Just stand somewhere busy asking everyone that passes “Wanna buy a board?”, sounding like one of the annoying people who… Continue Reading Skate 3 – Tony Hawk beater or a bit of a Jackass?

The 360's New Streaming Features

Xbox is about to begin a new era in media streaming this holiday, opening the doors to all types of new  forms of streaming. Xbox Live will be the platform for the next generation of television, with nearly 40 of the world’s leading television providers, including Comcast, HBO, BBC, Rogers on Demand and many others.… Continue Reading The 360's New Streaming Features

Gran Turismo 5 – Version 2.0 and DLC

Ever since the announcement of this game back at E3 last year, it has been disappointing to those loyal to the series. It was delayed repeatedly, missing a Christmas release, and ended up being released at the beginning of this year. When it finally arrived, fans were greeted with a driving simulator, that punished those… Continue Reading Gran Turismo 5 – Version 2.0 and DLC

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Final Review

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Final Review   Ace Combat Assault Horizon Firstly if you don’t know what Ace Combat is I would suggest reading the First Review of the game as it gives a short introduction into the history of ACE Combat and how it has evolved. Story Ace Combat Games have never had… Continue Reading Ace Combat Assault Horizon Final Review