Greed Are Game companies getting Greedy? Over the last few Months game producers and publishers have been releasing locked features in games which can only be unlocked by a CODE, this game code comes with the game when bought new. What the code does and Value can only be used once. Restricted to one system (some games limit to one user account on the system). Costs from 800-1200 MS points. Parts which are Restricted some games restrict multiplayer completely so you only can play for 24-72 hours trial. Some Games Limit how much you can Level up in Multiplayer. Some Games Restrict game features inRead More →

Exclusive Offer From Lovefilm for our UK Members/Guests 15 Days Trial (no contract or obligation to sign lol) Rent DVDs Rent Games or Stream Movies to your PC or PS3 Also they are offering £10 to Gamingrev guests so enjoy the extra perkRead More →