Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Welcome to the sequel of Final Fantasy XIII, if you haven’t played Final Fantasy XIII then you really should think about renting it out before trying out the sequel of the game.

In brief Final Fantasy XIII was about a group of strangers (I say strangers as they aren’t linked in any way as such but more of a path which they have been forced on.

Anyone that comes in contact with anything Pulse related are quarantined and then evacuated to a secure area for processing.

The Pulse Turns Humans into l’cie which gives them an objective they must achieve or they turn into monsters if they fail, if they should succeed then they are turned into crystal form and remain that way for ever.

Each person in the group has a history and story and this is shown through the game as the characters get close and their stories are told in flash backs.

So as you start off you ate strangers but as the game progresses your characters bond and become friends as their survival hangs in the balance and the future of those they love.

The combat engine for final fantasy XIII is quite different from other final fantasy games as you can stack the moves and keep repeating them.

You can also set up different classes with different attacks for different scenarios where characters moves will change for that scenario.

An example of this is if you need someone just to heal and cause magical damage to an enemy you can set the classes so you have ATTACK, ATTACK and Magic

So it’s quite good when going into battles and knowing you have everything set out nicely to take on any beast that jumps out at you.

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Now the main Review Final Fantasy XIII-2

I can’t really say Much when it comes to the story as I haven’t played it yet so this is mostly from the experience from the demo at Eurogamers, so this will be more a Review on the battle engine of the game.

From what i have read about the story on the sequel is that your main character is Sarah, lights younger sister from final fantasy XIII who is on a mission to find her older sister who has gone missing.

The battle engine hasn’t really changed much from the original game and does have one extra feature added which is active battle time.

this is when you are fighting an enemy a active battle time option is presented to you on the screen which you have to press within a time frame to initiate a attack or to dodge an attack.

This is different from the original, list couple of attacks and just sit there and watch the screen,
rinse and repeat until the Boss or creature is dead as this time you have to be more active and ensure that your mind does not wonder.

The Graphics for the game hasn’t changed that much from the original Final Fantasy XIII, but you have to remember that Graphics on the Playstation and Xbox 360 to vary a tiny bit.

Here is a short Play through of the game so I hope you enjoy it.