Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Ace Combat Assault Horizon


If anyone has played the Ace combat series you will know it’s been around for decades and is one of the pioneers when it comes to flight simulation and flight combat.

First released in 1992 as Air Combat as an arcade game, this was then re-released as Ace combat for the playstation console.

Ace combat like most other games does not carry on the same storyline for each sequel released but new story and environment is created for new games which are produced.

This is cool, keeps things fresh.

As the years have passed Namco have changed the game and its mechanics when it comes to how the user interacts with the environment that is provided.

Ace Combat does come with a wide range of planes to choose from which can be unlocked as you progress though the game or download from the market place.

Now the Review on Ace Combat Assault Horizon

It has been over four years since Fires of Liberation and you have taken to the skies to liberate Emmeria from the forces of Estovakia.

Now you are back in your Pilot seat and heading to Africa to take on Insurgents.

Bare in mind this was only a demo so it does not reflect on the whole game and I will be writing a full review after I have played the game shortly after release.

My Experience of the game so far and what I have witnessed at Eurogamers at the Namco booth was nice, this game has potential.

The new Dog Fighting mode is sweet as it allows you to go up close and personal as you chase down the enemies and shoot them down.

It’s much easier to use your cannons on the enemy planes which for me was great and big plus.
normally you would have to judge where you bullets are going to hit but with dog fighting you are up close and personal as you use your after burners and skills at controlling your aircraft to stick to the backsides of enemy planes.

If this was good in campaign I can safely say in Multiplayer when you are taking on someone else who isn’t AI the Dog fighting will get interesting as you both try and avoid each and take them out of the skies.

In Assault Horizon you have also got the option to fly attack helicopters which is a great plus as it gives you that extra choice of type of aircraft to fly in the game.
This does change how you engage targets as unlike the conventional aircraft where you are always moving; with the attack helicopters you can remain stationary while engaging hostile forces.

The Graphics have improved and the detailing on the beautiful planes is great.
So while you fly these beasts of the sky you can admire the nice work that has gone into rendering and graphics of the planes.

Before I had played this game I had already pre-ordered it, mostly due to my like of the game and experience from Ace Combat in the past and I would recommend it to anyone to play.

Reasons why you should get this Game

1. Choice of Different Types of Aircraft ranging from Jets to Helicopters
2. The newly added Dog Fighting feature
3. Graphics are much more Crisp
4. Feel of Handling the planes vastly improved.