Gears Of War 3

Gears of War 3

What can I say other than one of the most anticipated Game on the Xbox 360 since announced in 2010.
The Game I pray is the last and final of the series, so for the love of God Epic don’t even think about reviving it as this game finished it perfectly.
Lets get started on Gears of War, and for those that have been living under a rock for the last 5+ Years. Gears of war is an Xbox 360 Exclusive produced by Epic Games.
The game is based on a Fictional Planet called Sera where a subterranean enemy called the Locust have waged war against Humanity and are out to wipe everyone off the face of the planet.
But to do that they must face Delta Squad and other COGs who are remnant forces from the Pendulum wars.
Once Humanity fought amongst each other over the Natural resource which was Imulsion (In our Terms it would be Oil)
So Humanity fought each other over a precious Resource and now are bound by a single threat which threatens the very existence of Humanity)
After Several attempts to defeat the Locust plans were brought into affect to destroy the Cities using powerful space weapons called Hammer of Dawns (these are powerful laser weapons which destroy anything in its path)
So Cities are in Ruins Humanity on the Brink of Extinction and scattered around the world.
You are the last stand as you and your Fellow Cogs find ways on Taking on the Locust and to ensure the Survival of Humanity.
As you play Gears of war 1 and 2 you don’t get the full picture of how things unfolded and I am happy and great full that the developers at Epic Games have wound things up nicely in Gears of War 3 and put things into prospective on how and why things unfolded in such ways.
So now you have a small idea of the back-story behind Gears of war and what you are fighting for,
Lets start the main Review on Gears of War 3
Gears of War 3 is the final conclusion to the Gears of War series and it does tie up loose ends excellently.
The Storyline is great and as you progress through the game you learn new things about the past and you get a better understanding of your enemy and the reasons that they have waged this war.
You also see first Hand the consequences of past actions and what they have caused.
“Spoiler” Visit Link to see Spoilers (I don’t want to post Spoilers here as it gives away the whole game and the experience you feel when you play it)
So the Game in sense is great and well thought out and great Props to the developers on that part of the game.
Game play hasn’t changed that much from Gears of war 1 and 2, still same buttons and the actions and movements are all the same.
Graphics wise the game has improved and Graphics is much better, this is very much noticeable as the graphics is more smooth.
I would have to say Great thought has been put into the game inviroment and how you interact with it as you start off the game, An example of this is when you start off in the Cabin of the ship and have to walk through it. (which was cool as it starts straight from gears of war 2 where it shows the evacuation of Jacinto as you are flown out to sea.
Unlike the Previous Gears of war where you were land locked in the third you are not just restricted to land.
as you take the fight to the sea as well as keeping it to the ground fights.
Multiplayer for Gears of war is Great the Maps are fun and are very fast paced, if you are the type just sits there and expects the fight to come to you then this game is the wrong game for you as those who succeed are those that go into butcher the other team and don’t think twice about are they going to survive.
The New weapons are a great add on along with the new ways to execute your fellow foe when you get them to the floor.
For me it’s using them as a meat shield as I go about shooting their fellow friends with my trust pistol.
What’s more humiliating then keeping me alive while I kill their fellow team mates.
These have made Multiplayer that much more fun and humorous due to the comical ways to kill people.
Or if you’re feeling satanic you can always rip off their arm and beat them to death with that.
Gears of war 3 has got Horde mode which great as its fun to play with friends to see how long you can survive against onslaught of Locust and Imulsion monsters (well technically they are hybrids)
At the end of the day I found this Game great to play and I will admit it’s a game I found hard to put down.
The fact that the game wrapped up so much and so well I am happy I got this Game, (Even if it was over the top with the Epic Edition)
If you haven’t played Gears of war then you don’t really need play the other two as it does Wrap up most things but I would really recommend that you purchase or rent out the previous Gears of war games and get a feel for the story.
At least that way you will see the bond between the characters in the game and how across the series this bond grows between them.
I will Finish this Review with the Text that has been in the Trailers and everywhere as it has a very symbolic part to this game.
“Brothers to the End