Kill Confirmed: MW3

Call of Duty XP was held in LA over the past two days showcasing what players can expect when MW3 is released in November.
One of the bigger announcements was a new multiplayer game mode “Kill Confirmed”.
The game mode is similar to Team Deathmatch, two teams fight to earn the most kills and consequently win the game, “Kill Confirmed” makes getting kills not enough to win.
A dead player leaves dog tags on the ground for a player to collect, when the player gets the enemies dog tags, they are awarded the kill. If a team mate gets the dog tags, the kill is denied to the player, enemy dog tags appear yellow while team mates will appear red.
If anything this game type will discourage lone wolf style players, with snipers too far away to pick up dog tags and encourage teamwork and communication. Players moving in co-ordinated groups can cover each other if they are picked off, they could even set ambushes for enemies trying to snatch tags.