Deus ex human revolution

Deus ex human revolution


Welcome to the Deus Ex Franchise and a franchise I would say which brought two play styles together very well before any other game producers.

The ability to Role-play and have that First person shooter combined well and gave the title a good edge.
The Game was originally released in 26th June 2000 on the PC and then later Ported over to the Playstation 2 two years later in 2002.
The Latest Game hasn’t gone too far from its origins and contains most of what was in the original game. These are the following
frontal assault
computer hacking
These options give the player multiple ways of completing an objective, this is quite handy as people will play the game differently and its truly isn’t that generic like most other games where you have to go from A-Z in a set a path.
In Deus Ex the path is what you make of it and the actions you take determine how you reach the destination set out for you, in some cases it’s wise to follow a certain path but isn’t forced on the player as it can allow an objective to be reached faster or in a safer and more discreet manner.
In my opinion I liked this aspect of the game as it gave me the opportunity to play how I wanted and gave me the freedom to do as I wanted in the game.

The story in Brief before we get full blown into the review of this wonderful game.

You are Adam Jensen an Employee of Sarif Industries after being Sacked from Swat for refusal to carry out a unethical order, you are now the head of Security at Sarif Industries where your assignment is to protect the Valuable assets which would be the scientists at the company.
The company is under scrutiny for what it does and practices which is to enhance the human body genetically and mechanically advancing the process of evolution of the human body.
This doesn’t go to well with most people around the world so there are splinter groups and political groups who oppose Sarif Industries playing GOD and manipulating the Human body.
Sarif Industries is attacked by an Unknown group of augmented individuals who kidnap the scientists and leave you for dead. To save Adams life the company augment him fully as the damage and trauma that was caused during the assault left him in a very critical condition.
Adam is back after six months on the mend and getting use to his new gear.
Now the story truly begins as you go through the conspiracies and lies to find out what truly happened on that day of the assault on Sarif Industries and the reasons why the scientists were kidnapped and who was masterminding the whole thing.
At the start of the game you were given two options.
Lethal or Non-Lethal
After you that you were given an option of up close and personal where you can smell the Bad guys breath or stay as Far away as possible.
If you went Lethal you were given a Sniper or Hand gun depending of the choice you made at the start.
If you wanted to go Non-Lethal and just wanted to knock them out then the Tranquilizer Rifle or Stun Gun was given again depending on the first choice you make.
As you Progress through the game you can purchase new weapons and upgrades from retailers in different cities, these upgrades allows you to improve your weapon for more effective damage against enemies.
Upgrades and weapons are also found lying around in different areas of the city after accessing secured areas.
Weapons are also dropped by fallen enemies after you have killed them or just knocked them out.
Ammo wise I did find it annoying as the drops from enemies wasn’t that much and I did end up running low on ammo, which was kind of a good thing as it meant being more tactical on how I played the game and the actions I took, this was also kind of annoying as you had to be more careful during fire fights ensuring all bullets hit the target.
Personally I didn’t really like the storage of weapons as someone that liked to use a verity of weapons me would have liked more room for my Toys.
On one Hand you had to be more tactical on what you carried and if you really needed it or going to use it.
And on the other Hand it was I really don’t want to get rid of this Gun as I might use it later on.

So space for me was a real issue. It wasn’t a major issue as I was still able to carry what I needed to reach my objective.

Energy Bar
this was good but they did make it so you wouldn’t really run out as Energy Bars weren’t really scarce and located in almost all areas. Most time it’s not even used.
It can be upgraded for extra cells and faster recharge.
this is where the interesting part begins as you choose which Augmentation you want to upgrade as you gain experience or use Praxis chips.
Praxis can be bought at all Limb clinics in the Cities or found during your strolls along the cities.
Each augmentation increases the ability of that area allowing you to increase its effectiveness performing a task; an example of this can be the Hacking augmentation which allows you to hack higher security level panels.
The best thing about hacking is you can also skill up to take control of sentry guns and armed robots of the bad guys and turn it against them, does help if you want to conserve your ammo and not get your hands dirty.
As you are given multiple methods of playing the game you are given the options to distribute the Praxis in your augmentation in ways which suits how you want to play the game.
User Interactions
I enjoyed how my player interacted with the world around him and the people,
the Role-playing aspect was great and something I enjoy in most FPS as having reach decision you make have a impact on the game is something that I enjoy other then sit through a cut scene and have a straight forward story where you as the player doesn’t really have an impact on how things turns out.
This is how a game becomes truly immersive as it gives the player more control over the game as a whole.
At the End of the Day I thought this was a Great game and I liked almost all aspects of it.
The game is easy to play and get into, once you begin its hard to stop as you just want to know what’s going to happen next and when can I upgrade my next augmentation.
The Graphics was excellent (I knew that for a year now lol) after watching the tec demo at eurogamers 2010.
The story was excellent and well thought out and did have some great insights and it incorporate some world issues about power, control and how most people preserve the world.
My Favorite quote
“Albert Einstein once said Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal. It took me a while but i finally see his point.”-Adam Jensen
I would recommend this Game to anyone even if you haven’t played the previous games as you aren’t really missing out on anything.