Australian Gamers vs. R18+ Classification.

On July 22nd 2011, Australia’s state Attorney General’s held a meeting to discuss to idea of introducing an R18+ category for video games in Australia. The highest rating in place at the moment is M15, which means that anything not fitting in to that category is refused classification.
Australian gamers have been refused the sale of a number of games because of the classification. Mortal Kombat was outlawed earlier this year on the grounds of the graphic violence throughout the game. (Blame the Fatalities) Previously, Gamers were left with a watered down version of Left 4 Dead II, Valve was forced to remove aspects of the game considered “too violent” to pass classification laws. The laws also threatened the release of Aliens vs. Predator, but the game was passed after an appeal by the publisher.
After the July meeting it was revealed that all states had agreed (in principal) to the new classification laws except one, New South Wales. NSW Attorney General Greg Smith stated he had to discuss the matter with the state government before making a decision.
Greg Smith finally gave his agreement with the R18+ rating on August 10; meaning Australia can now begin setting out rules and guidelines to allow adult content in video games. This means Australian gamers will eventually have an equivalent of the European PEGI 18 and the ESRB M17+ in America.
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