Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future:The Game was announced in June 2010 and the first episode was released in December the same year. The story picks up a few months after the events of the final movie with Doc Brown missing in action, Marty is investigating his disappearance to ultimately stop the foreclosure of Doc’s lab.
The DeLorean returns to the lab driver-less, Marty finds out (through a series of clues collected by the player) that Doc is in some serious shit. Marty must follow his nose in an attempt to save Doc and eventually right all the wrongs in the space time continuum …
Although Back to the Future: The Game wont win any admirable awards from game critics it has a certain playability about it. The controls are sometimes frustrating, walking in a straight line is one hell of a task so I used the click to move option and found it a lot easier. Clicking on people in the game triggers a cutscene with the option of asking questions. One problem I had with this is the same option coming up over and over again even after you have asked the question. Sitting through the same useless cutscene when accidentally hitting the same question is annoying and damn frustrating.
Graphically, the game is set out to look like a comic book. considering when the movies were released and the age of the fans who religiously watched the movies, I think a more true life vision would have served the game better, but then again hopefully Back to the Future: The Game will appeal to the younger generation and spark the interests of those who never saw the original movies.
You don’t have to be Einstein (see what I did there!) to solve the puzzles and riddles in the game, but if you are really stuck there is a simple hint system and numerous pop ups that give you some pointer in the direction you should be heading. The player can never be too far from the right track.
All your favorite characters are back, including Marty’s folks and the notorious Tannen family, there is a few brief encounters with new people tied into the already existing characters. Christopher Lloyd returns to voice the Doc, Claudia Wells (Jennifer from BTTF1) voices her character and new-comer AJ LoCascio voices Marty quite convincingly although Michael J Fox’s voice makes a brief appearance in the final chapter as a cameo.
There are 5 episodes available which were released over as many months. They were released on PC, Mac, PSN and iPad but funnily enough not XBOX.
Overall fans of the movies should rejoice in the direction the series has taken, although is not the 4th movie it gives a bit of perspective as to the happenings of Doc and Marty after BTTF3 (looking for serious continuity may ruin your experience, there is no time train or that creepy kid who played one of Doc’s sons).