TES: Skyrim

For those of you unfamiliar with Bethesda Software’s epic ‘TES’ series and just love to Role Play, please go out now and buy TES Morrowind or TES Oblivion, just be prepared to put in sheer endless hours of gameplay and deprive yourself from hours of sleep, for these game’s are responsible for people getting fired from work to husbands being divorced from their wives and even vice versa. Seriously.
Anyway in depth, The Elder Scrolls series, often abbreviated TES, is an immensely huge fantasy role playing game that pits the player into the amazing continent of ‘Tamriel’, consisting of nine province’s with ‘Cyrodiil’ being the latest installment in TES: Oblivion, the stunning environments from life like forests to narrowly lit dungeons are truely immense, the level desgin of this game is just too much for my little brain to comprehend, the world itself is huge, with so many places to explore you will feel as if Christopher Columbus has come up short compared to your mass adventures and hike’s through the land of ‘Cyrodiil’, honestly i could be here all day talking about whats out there to see and do, but i will be here a very long time, all’s i can say is, if you have a little bit of coin to spare then look around for one of these games, PC gamers will be able to play ‘TES Morrowind’ or ‘Oblivion’ on their modified beasts, although anyone interested in playing ‘Morrowind’ who doesnt have a PC will have to settle for an old Xbox version, however ‘Oblivion’ is available at a store near you on Xbox 360 and PS3, also i would recommend the ‘Game of the Year’ addition as it has all additional DLC and is relatively cheap if you look around.
So, its been 5 years since the latest installment of the ‘TES’ series, a few ‘Fallout’ games later and Bethesda Software released a trailer that after witnessing myself, had the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as hard as the thing between my legs, i was at work at the time so a quick bathroom break was needed, anyway after cooling off and gathering my thoughts i headed home and went straight over to Bethesda Softwares website to get confirmation, and what would you know, the next installment of ‘TES’ wasnt a farce. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is enroute and will be hitting shelfs on 11.11.11. Although not much about the game itself seems to be getting leaked, there are a few features that have been metioned by the main man himself, Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Lead Creator behind this fantastic gaming series. Now i’m not going to go into ‘Skyrim’ here, because i believe as mentioned in a few article’s down ‘I can do without the hype’ that this is an extremely high case of just that, i want to avoid all hype and buzz around this game, i am sure people are getting extremely excited about it, but from what i expect from this game is by far good enough standards to me, and to hear people mention certain features that ‘might be’ included into the game is rather disheartening when it is actually not, but im pretty sure you can all go and do you’re own research on this groundbreaking game, it is all ready winnning awards afterall.
Also before i leave it at that, i would just like to mention, for those wanting to pre-order this game, you will be giving a cool burlap map of the province of Skyrim at no extra charge, now that would be pretty cool on your wall huh? plus anyone wanting the Collectors Edition like myself will have to hang on a short while as nothing has been mentioned just yet, but from past expriences im pretty sure we will find out within the last 3 months before release, i will also leave you with a little gameplay trailer, enjoy.
TES: Skyrim