Eve Online Greed

Welcome to the new world of Eve Online Incarna, finally CCP have deployed their long awaited (partial walking in stations) allowing users to interact with their players off the ships in their own personal quarters so far.

Allowing users to have a nice view of their active ships in the hanger with the pod docked up, giving somewhat of a scale to the whole thing.

Personally I like it and its quiet cool to wonder around and I can’t wait until they expand on this in future expansion packs.

The only downside to this expansion pack is some users have found it a nightmare to use as some older systems which CCP have always said would run eve have started to suffocate and suffer strokes when it came to loading station environment.

Now if CCP really cared about those players they would have at least added the option at the loading screen on settings to keep the old station environment which in the end would have had a less of a burden on those players.

Now the late Aprils fool as this is what it seems.

Now for people that have played Second Life or even used IMVU will know the world of Virtual clothing and developers rushing to the doors to sell them for the virtual users.

Since CCP has just released Incarna they also released a clothing store alongside it, now for almost all the player base (as an Eve player for last 4+ Years) we have been thinking are these people off their rockers? Selling items at the cost $80+ which has no in game function or purpose apart from that of being cosmetic.

Now why a company would come up with such ridiculas prices for vanity items is the shocker and really needs revaluating as only someone with too much money or little sense would spend that much money or even 4 months Game time to purchase these products.
Now the second Joke of an announcement and I will say this before people read on and just see this as a Dig at CCP (at least on this issue they are saying ok fair play for calling Bullshit on most the clauses outlined)

Now eve online is basically a huge community and out of game services are run by members of that community for free (as in they pay for the costs of hosting and time to program the sites)

sometimes these people may get lucky and break even and make some money, and in most cases they won’t.

Now CCP want to charge developers who have made the eve experience even better $99 for each domain or website that is associated with eve online (yes even if it uses eve online in game currency which cannot be sold or exchanged outside of the game)
Now is this a bright move for CCP to isolate its self from the part of the community of eve online?

A good quote

“And I know from my personal developments that I would never have thought about it if the first thing I needed was to pay a license fee. I’ve launched sites, both successful and sites no one remembers. I would not have been able to try out the failed ones nor enjoyed the success of the living ones if I you hadn’t enabled me to give it a shot, fail or not. “Chribba page 6”

for the original thread naught

and the new one

Now CCPs main reason for this is to manage external sites that use the EVE brand, fair play but what can they do when most websites which use this brand are located in countries like china or Russia and so forth? Nothing.

At the end of the Day CCP is just digging a larger hole for its self.
Originally a Sand pit, player controlled environment and almost unrestricted use of eve content (as long used properly and not for self gain) to better improve and add new content by users.

This gave a boom in user generated services which have given Eve that edge over other MMOs
which you won’t find these out of game services in this number.

By isolating potential developers CCP not only going to lose out on free advertisement but also depriving the Eve community of potential out of game resources which are pretty much used by all of Eve when it comes to planning and executing different plans from training Skills to Travelling.

Normally this isn’t the kind of press I would like to give about Eve Online but seeing how low CCP have fallen it’s hard not to.

Is Greed worth it?
Is acting like Scrooges and trying to get More Money out of a gamer base justified?