Star Trek Online

I suppose I should start by stating that I am not a huge MMORPG fan. I’ve played a few but could never stay interested…..until now.   The huge Sci-Fi nerd in me couldn’t say no to Star Trek Online.
Now, I know the huge draw back to any mmorpg is the pay to play aspect but in all honesty Cryptic has done such a great job its worth the $15 per month. What I love is the fact that they have also added a one lump sum payment of $300 to become a lifetime subscriber and you never have to pay monthly again not to mention it gives you some pretty cool in-game items and bonuses. That’s the route I went seeing that I knew that I would be playing it a long time.
When it was first released the player community were pretty harsh on the developers for not having a lot of content but as with all new games, time makes all the difference. Its been just over a year now and they have added so much in the way of story content, ships, customizations, graphics, locations etc and they keep adding more every month.
Ok, down to the game.
Its split into two major factions  the Federation and the Klingon Empire with each having its own group of sub-species to choose from. The Federation players have a lot more in the way of PVE for now but that is starting to change whereas the Klingons have been focused with a short PVE but massive PVP game play.
To be honest Im not much of a PVP player but if that is the kind of thing you like then you’re going to love it.
The graphics are amazing (depending on your system of course) and the story line is great especially with all the new episodes that they add every month or so. Cryptic has also gone and out done themselves in the mmorpg community by introducing the “Foundry” where players can create, customize and design their own missions…….ah the customization…….  This game has SO much of it, you could spend a few hours just creating a character.
Pretty much everything is customizable: Ships, Uniform, species etc….its mind boggling.
For the battles there are two types: Space and Ground
I for one love the space battles but the ground ones need some work and the missions do get a little repetitive after a while but with the addition of the Foundry and the new “Episodes” it breaks the monotony pretty well while trying to level up.
Like other games of the genre, you can create fleets with friends, the instances can be done solo or it may group you with a few others and it has a pretty cool crafting part.
There are 3 careers to choose from, each with its own specialties: Science, Engineering, and Tactical as well as 3 separate groups of ships : Cruisers, Science, and Escorts
Overall I have to give this game a 9 out of 10 just for the shear amount of customization. It does need some work but Cryptic is doing a great job of listening to its players in the STO community and implementing most of what they ask for within reason.
Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll be hooked.
Here’s some in game footage of a space battle: