What will get game of the year 2011?

2011 has introduced gamers too many new games including Homefront which has a good campaign and good multiplayer but can be a bit of a disaster to users because sometimes you will find yourself waiting to join a match and then your console freezes and this gets repetitive, but once you can get in a game you find your self in a very good multiplayer game!
There have also been new games from a gaming series including the latest Killzone, which is as an excellent campaign and multiplayer, which is the strongest they’ve had and their server seems to be a lot more fluent than killzone’s 2. Little Big Planet 2 as also come out which is an amazingly fun game, i love the idea of making your own levels in a game which is unique and not many games offer you that, Sackboy is better than ever and LBP will be a hit amongst gamers off all ages.
Crysis 2 has also been released recently, i got it on Launch for Ps3, i had played Crysis Warhead on Pc as i got it on sale for £5, i was impressed, the campaign was very good and multiplayer was also, with Crysis 2 the graphics are amongst the best i’ve seen in a game, the cinematics were great, the audio was very good aswell, the campaign was a bit short and i didn’t feel i got my money’s worth! Multiplayer was good but is not up their with the best multiplayer games available, because Call of Duty has set such a high standard for multiplayer, every shooter that now comes out will get compared to Call of Duty and most of them will get nothing but bad press, this is the same with Homefront, a great multiplayer game when you can get in a game but a very bad one when you can’t get in a game because the lobby freezes and you have to start your console up again.
La noire i think may get game of the year because Rockstar games just seem to bring out the best games you will see, Gta IV, Red dead redemption and Gta San Andreas are in my top 10 favourite games of all time and i also think La noire will be joining them!
It will be interesting to see how Infinity Ward will make Modern Warfare 3 without most of the key people who were involved in Modern warfare 1 & 2, i think it will be better than Black Ops but it will be missing something!
Also Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception releases early november and will be Drake’s 3rd outing, the last 2 releases have been amazing and i think the 3rd installment will also, i just hope multiplayer is a lot better, but from what i heard it has improved alot!