2011 has introduced gamers too many new games including Homefront which has a good campaign and good multiplayer but can be a bit of a disaster to users because sometimes you will find yourself waiting to join a match and then your console freezes and this gets repetitive, but once you can get in a game you find your self in a very good multiplayer game! There have also been new games from a gaming series including the latest Killzone, which is as an excellent campaign and multiplayer, which is the strongest they’ve had and their server seems to be a lot more fluent thanRead More →

  The modern age of technology brings with it an almost instantaneous flow of information. Our lives are constantly being flooded with information at increasing rates. Just as our lives have drastically changed, so has the gaming world. It has benefited from these advancements in countless ways, but can this instant flow of information actually be somewhat of a detriment to game developers who rely on such methods to promote their games? When I was a kid, I remember walking into my local K-Mart and making a bee-line straight for the video game department. Sometimes it had been weeks, possibly even months since I hadRead More →

Crysis 2 Welcome to Crysis 2 The storyline for the game is pretty much straight forward and simple as you can get The world has been ravaged by war; the earth is under siege from an alien race bent on the destruction of the human race. You are Alcatraz, a Marine who has just been given a second chance after meeting a very unfriendly welcome comity on your first day out into the world. Welcome the new prophet. The game its self is kind of hard to review as I have had mixed feelings about it, before I rented this game out I was givenRead More →