Transformers War For Cybertron

Transformers War for Cybertron
Before I started playing War for Cybertron, I decided to equate myself with a previous Transformers game so I would have a better feeling and appreciation for it, so I rented out Revenge of the Fallen, which was pretty good to play, and it gave me a good prospective of what I could expect from the current transformers game,
So this is my review of “Transformers War for Cybertron”
War for Cybertron funnily enough predates revenge of the Fallen and takes you back to the Transformers home planet Cybertron where war has broken out splitting the transformers into two factions, The Autobots and the Decepticons, if you are new to the game here is a brief on the two factions.
leader: Optimus Prime

The Autobots are the good guys or Bad guys (depends how you value life)
if you value the life of others and freedom and all the sugar coated rainbows, then the Autobots are everything you are looking for, Jokes aside the Autobots Value life and the freedom of others.
Led by Optimus Prime, the Autobots are pretty much unstoppable force as each one of them values the lives of their comrades more than they do themselves so are more willing to go that extra mile to achieve a goal.
Leader: Megatron

The Decepticons are a faction which is powered by the lust of power,greed and a goal to bring back the glory of the Autobots by taking the Autobots into the galaxy and declaring war on all those planets out there. The only problems they face are their brothers in arms the Autobots,
Led by Megatron, a ruthless Autobot that will do just about anything to reach his goals, (yes even if it means sacrificing each and every single person under his command) he would do so happily, unlike the Autobots the Decepticons are pretty much in it for themselves and have the tendency to only look out for their individual needs.
So now you should have a brief idea of the Factions and what the side stands for when you start the game, Help the Good or Help the Evil, (better still play as both) you are given the option to select the missions so why not do them at the same time, Play each good and bad for each Level as your progress through the game or change sides at the end.
With the (brief as it is) introduction out the way,
The game its self is great to play, (Campaign)
the Graphics are great and the detail on the weapons and vehicles are top notch,
the loading can be a pain (not long but the loading screen does give it the impression it’s going to take ages),
As I mentioned beforehand that I had played Revenge of the Fallen to get a good understanding of the game, well I was surprised they changed the mechanics of the game (almost completely)
Things that I found were different;
the controller configuration has completely changed (but only takes a few min to adjust)
Ability to upgrade your armour have been removed
Its gone from unlimited weapons ammo, which is a great change as it gives it a better feel, (no more pray and spray).
I was disappointed at the removal of the power attack though as i liked them,
The campaign is pretty sweet and gives you a great understanding of how Optimus became the Last prime, (as much as I would like to say how, it would spoil the game for you)
as you progress through the game you are given the option and sometimes not so much of an option to pick your player for the mission, as I said sometimes you don’t get that much of an option as some missions require a specialized role for the player. (If you played Revenge of the fallen, it’s somewhat like that)
The campaign in my opinion is very well laid out to the end of the game and doesn’t disappoint.
Online Play
Some people have compared it to modern warfare and its system, it’s nothing like it, fair does, you get to make different classes like you do in modern warfare, that’s just about as far as it goes, and fight system is completely different, here is a brief what you get,
Role Selection: on role selection you are given 5 roles to pick from, this determines what weapons you can fit to your player at the start,
Player creation: You get to create up to 5 players per role (each slot is unlocked as you level up during multiplayer games) you also unlock new weapons as you level up, (ok it’s something else that it shares with Modern warfare)
The dreaded Lag: haven’t had any issues yet while playing online and connection has been great.
this is a great tool for when you need a quick burst or need a quick shield before someone knocks your spark out with that final weapons blow. (These change from speciality to speciality)
Vehicle mode:
Well you won’t be disappointed as you transform into that battle tank fitted with a nice turret that can kill on the first hit if used correctly.
I know some now will be saying great, you are limited to the Guns that you can use, well on the bright side apart from your primary weapon you can pick up any secondary weapon from your fallen enemy. So if you killed someone and they had a shiny toy that you liked the look of, you can feel free to pick it up and use it, (or better still use the new acquired toy to kill its previous owner if he or she respawn’s), weapons are also found in the map so you can pick them up as you pass by.
At the end of the Day I would recommend War for Cybertron as I loved every minute of the game, it gives good insight into both factions of the Transformers and the war that has divided the Transformers so if you haven’t ever watched any of the Transformers animations and don’t know anything about what transformers is about or how they ended up on earth and why, War for Cybertron is a great place to start.
I would recommend downloading the demo, but in this case if you are better off buying it or renting it as the demo only allows you to play online and that is pretty much limited as well.
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also chance to Win the Game