Split Second

Split Second
Welcome to another racing game, you see the cover and it’s oh yay it’s another racing game how original, there are shed loads of Racing Games for the 360 and PS3, Well it is another racing game but on steroids,
the Graphics is excellent, can’t really complain as the details on the cars really show,
it does have that wipe out feel to it, blow the shit out of your competitors with weapons strikes and slow them down generally with the nice airtime, and after playing the Game demo I am very much sold,
Racing is a blast, takes a few moments to get use to the steering but that’s easily done, and only took me a couple seconds to adjust to it.
The Tracks very interesting as you would have thought when you do a lap it would be the same lap on the same track, but it’s quite good how the destruction effects it as it will change the track layout and put new obstacles’ in your way as you have just thought to yourself you have figured it out and your route is set for the last few laps.
the game is great to play and you can’t really get bored of it like general racing games where it seems to be all Lenya, you go around in circles and try not to get over taken.
This game brings new things to racing games which is great and I will say this, nice one to the developers as they have added some great features which are enjoyable and not over the top.
I would recommend this game to anyone, if you don’t believe that it’s a good game, a Demo is available to download from Xbox live and the PS3 market place,
If you disagree with me, feel free to vent it on the forum 😉