red dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption
A quick recap of the Game, you are John Marston, you are a former crook, bank robber, thug, your basic western outlaw out to fend for himself, you have left your life of crime behind to raise your family, only to have them kidnapped by the authorities to send you on their payroll to do their bidding, and the only way you will see your family again is if you do what they say.
Being Made by Rockstar, one wouldn’t be surprised or should be surprised at the game play,
easy to get into and hard to stop playing, it’s a game when you start one mission and go through it, you just don’t want to stop playing,
As you progress through the story and do the missions presented to you, the story slow unravels in front of you, so get Ready for a story that you will enjoy and get into as the twists and turns unravels in front of your eyes.
As a gamer who can’t stand old western games and those games with old school weapons, Red Dead Redemption is a big exception, I loved every bit of it,
the Game features were great, (the combat modes with dead eye for me was the biggest bonus)
this allows you to go into slow motion and target each point at which you want to unload your weapon, and then unleash hell onto the targets with each bullet hitting the designated target area.
As you go through the game you are given unique opportunities to improve yourself in rank (legendry being the highest) this is gained by completing missions and helping strangers in need,
there is also a nice little way to improve your standings and get 100+ in hero points, go to poker game in Mexico or any other place and cheat on the game, and get into a duel with someone, don’t kill the person, shoot their weapon out their hand, and there you have it easy 100, 🙂
The weapons in the game impressed me, they weren’t as bad as I first thought these old western weapons would be, they are realistic which means you have to compensate for height and movement of target at different range (unless you’re using dead eye then that SOB or SOBs are dead)
Now with the weapons you are given an opportunity to buy them after unlocking them as you progress through the missions, some weapons don’t cost you anything as they are found laying around in the missions, if your unlucky you can only obtain certain guns from certain gun smiths in different areas, but are easy to obtain and you will always be going to these gun smiths during the game as you complete mission objectives or go onto side quests.
As mentioned before you get some nice side quests in Red Dead which are great as its easy way of adding to your characters honour and earning more cash to spend on those nice weapons and items.
one of my Favourite side quests is Bounty hunter as you always get a nice reward at the end of it (the further you get into the game, the harder they become and larger the reward) so keep an eye out for the skull and if you do have a chance take your bounties alive as the cash reward is more and so is the honour points granted to you.
I would recommend this game to anyone, even if it’s for casual wondering around the wilderness hunting animals or to save that damsel in distress. It’s a game that everyone would enjoy and I would like to thank Rockstar for giving us this game,

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